About Us

Tingjob was founded as a reliable website offering great job opportunities for everyone.

With the mission of accompanying people on the way to finding a job, Tingjob was optimized to help all save time, effort and get the best job. The first priority of us is to be the bridge between job seekers and employers while supporting both to achieve the common goal.

The team of Tingjob includes dedicated supporters who have great experience in recruiting. Therefore, we know what the best thing for you is.

What Tingjob does…

We connect a lot of employers from everywhere, gathering information about companies in demand for hunting people in order to offer all the greatest suggestions of jobs. Simultaneously, we also optimize our website so that people can easily find the job they want without spending too much time and effort.

All of the information provided on our site is obtained after thorough research on employers and companies. We want to make sure all of our partners are quality, which is both beneficial for us and a big support for customers.

Moreover, on Tingjob, all jobs are clearly categorized to help job seekers save time on searching. We also prioritize the latest jobs offering great opportunities in order to help them keep up with the changing and new demands of the recruitment market.

Tingjob brings what…

For the market

Tingjob provides job information, authentic and quality recruitment information for those who are looking for work. This also makes us become a good source to boost labor supply and demand.

For partner (enterprise)

As a reliable website offering job opportunities, Tingjob is committed to being a "trusted companion" of partners. We have been providing information and helping employers find smart and talented employees.

For job seekers

We expect to introduce the best jobs to labor on the market. We understand that you will encounter many problems in the job search process such as pressure, anxiety and not even knowing which job is right for you. Our goal is to assist you through it. So, don't forget Tingjob if you want to find a job

For employees

At Tingjob, we build a professional, dynamic, creative working environment and fair development opportunity for all employees. With the understanding of many fields, our team makes effort towards a common goal of helping all get a suitable job. We also believe that these are the things helping us develop day by day.

Core value

We understand that each person in the world expects to have their own work. As enthusiastic workers,  we want to bring everyone jobs that they love. We desire to be part of your career path.